Aamer Guitar – Meysam Aamer Iranian luthier and Classic, Flamenco, Acoustic Guitars maker.

Maysam Aamer,luthier and guitar player,born in Ramsar,Iran,1980,graduated in electronic engineering,started research and scientific study in the field of guitar–making,inspite of alot of limitations related to this industry and non-availability of references relating to this mysterious technique He attempted to analyse this instrument in the light of physics,acoustics,wood science.music science.Benefiting the available experience in guitar making industry and without copying methods of great luthiers he was successful in his attempt.Now he is making classic,flamenco and acoustic guitars.Studying modern methods leaded him toward making modern classic and flamenco guitars.For the first time in Iran he made double top classic guitar and sandwich top guitar.Now many famous Iranian and foreign players are enjoying the brilliant sound of his guitars.

my guitar tops: German spruce,Engelmman spruce,red cedar,Sitka spruce and more….
my guitar back and sides: amazon rosewood,Madagascar rosewood,jacaranda rosewood,Indian rosewood,Cocobolo,Pao fero
cypress,maple,walnut and more….
my guitar fingerboard: African,Madagascar,macassar and Indian ebony
my guitar bridge: Rio and Indian rose wood and ebony and more…
guitar neck : Honduras cedar,African mahogany.

MeysamAamer master classical guitar

Sevilla,I Albeniz,performed By Professor Lily Afshar

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