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  • The Provider must have the legal capacity to enter into legally binding contracts.

  • Guitar Fair provides a management section to the Supplier within its Marketplace.

  • The price of each item will be Retail Price including taxes.

  • The Supplier must include the product shipping price.

  • The published product must be real and ready for delivery or delivery within a maximum period of five days.

  • The Supplier must ensure the tracking and correct delivery of the product, unless the buyer does not meet the established conditions or it is impossible to contact him.

  • The Supplier allows to include complete information of the rules of sale (Guarantee, support, shipping, form of collection, etc.) so that, in case of return or non-compliance, both the supplier and the final customer have well-defined proposed rules for said operation.

  • Guitar Fair will charge the services for Medium and Premium Suppliers quarterly. The way in which the collection will be made may be through the following options:

  • – 1º Sending of payment to Paypal account.

  • – 2º Make the payment by credit card.

  • – 3º Sending email with bank details so that the provider makes a bank transfer.

  • Guitar Fair offers Paypal as a secure payment gateway

  • In the Luthier Supplier mode, Guitar Fair will charge 3% of the final value of the product once the operation is finished or in case of cancellation of this product on the platform. Said payment will be made before 30 days have elapsed since the sale.

  • In the event that the payment for the services on this platform is not made, Guitar Fair will activate the claim for the amount through the channels that it considers pertinent.

  • The supplier ensures that all information and products for sale are his property or have the legal representation for sale in Guitar Fair.

  • Guitar Fair will ensure a good relationship between suppliers and customers. In case of receiving a first complaint from any of the parties, Guitar Fair will take the necessary actions to know in depth the circumstances and propose solutions. In case of receiving a second complaint about the same supplier or final customer, Guitar Fair may cancel the access of any of the parties to the platform.

  • The Supplier has the duty to maintain a good deal with the final customer.

  • The Supplier will keep Guitar Fair informed about everything that may be necessary and/or important information about the transaction with the item, as well as any price changes or special conditions.

  • All the “Make Payment” buttons of the articles published in Guitar Fair will have as a destination a payment platform, and in no case an informative website or Landpage.

  • The Provider has the obligation not to violate or circumvent any law, rights of third parties or our policies.

  • The Provider may not assign its own account and user ID to any other subject without the consent of Guitar Fair.

  • Guitar Fair may cancel without notice the unconfirmed accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a long period of time, as well as modify or revoke the contractual relationship with the provider.

  • Guitar Fair may vary the price of its services at any time, by simply modifying these conditions or publishing the aforementioned modifications with 30 days notice on the Guitar Fair website.

  • The Supplier is obliged to respect the rules proposed by Guitar Fair, and this is confirmed from the moment he accepts his participation in this portal.