Christophe Huort – Luthier

As one day I could not afford the one of my dreams, I decided to make it. It took me such a while to fulfil that dream… maybe too much? But don’t I have your own dreams?
I can only offer you my skills in all domains where I can excel: design, manufacturing concepts, and electronics and of course, the reason I’m sill living for, this unconditional passion for musical instruments. Could it be more than a simple instrument? I mean this kind of tool which will drive you over your own limits; the one you’ll finally call “She”!
This website is not pretending in any way to be an exhaustive list of all Atelkof’s range, but only an overview of what has been done so far. Setting up a catalog of custom made instruments would only be an illusion as by definition, they will only exist through your demand.

Your sincerely,

(2005, april 30th)

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