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Maestro is the only Singapore brand that handcrafts its own guitars and ukuleles. Since 2004, we have been providing quality handcrafted guitars and ukuleles to discerning players that are very particular with tone, playability, and craftsmanship. Through the years, we have established a strong presence in Singapore, even drawing crowds from the region just to experience our instrument. Now, our instruments are made available in countries near Singapore and even as far as France and Australia.

As a builder, it is our greatest desire to make finely handcrafted instruments accessible to everyone. Regardless if you just started picking up the instrument or you are a seasoned player, each of our instruments are delicately built to ensure it is responsive, rich in tonal colour, exceptionally playable and aesthetically outstanding.

Each Maestro instrument is hand-built by our small team of experienced luthiers in our humidity-controlled facility using only the finest wood, components and other building materials through age-proven techniques. Every little detail in our instruments are well thought of, Carbon-Fibre Reinforced Necks, soundhole and body wood binding, and Hide Glue to name a few, littlest details that make our instrument standout more.

Our years of handcrafting experience allowed us to innovate ways to handcraft efficiently, enabling us to hand-built 30 to 50 instruments a month without compromising the quality of each instrument. Being able to built efficiently allow us to make our boutique handcrafted instruments available at a price, or even less the price, of a typical American factory-built instrument.

By choosing a handcrafted instrument, you are ensured that your instrument was built to its fullest potential. Why choose a Maestro? Aside from you will love how it sounds, plays, and looks, you can afford one. By choosing Maestro, you do not have to spend that much to get the finer things in life.

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