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I prefer to make acoustic guitars, super jumbo bodied acoustic guitars to be specific. I have made several solid and semi-hollow body electric guitars, but my passion is in acoustic instruments. I have always had a fascination with acoustics. I love the Gibson J-200, ES-335 and anything Taylor Guitars has made. 

Not only do I build acoustic guitars, I specialize in themed instruments inspired by the San Diego County Fair’s “Design in Wood“ show. Each November the Fair Committee announces the theme for the next year’s fair. From that time until the deadline in late April, I design, build and fully customize a guitar from scratch. I have entered the competition, which is the largest juried woodworking show in the United States, every year since 2013. 

Over the past six years I have entered six different themed instruments. My first entry was a Monopoly themed electric guitar. I was granted special permission by Hasbro to use the Monopoly theme. I was honored with the Theme Award that year and have won that honor five out of the last six years. When I set out to design I delve head first into the theme. In chronological order, I have made a Monopoly themed guitar, a Beatles themed acoustic viola bass guitar, a 1920’s style parlor acoustic honoring San Diego’s Balboa Park guitar, an Alice in Wonderland themed Super Jumbo acoustic six string guitar, a Wild West themed thin line electric guitar and most recently, a Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory themed Super Jumbo acoustic six string guitar. 

Besides these one of a kind builds, I also do custom inlay, instrument restoration, repairs and custom leather work. Some of my more popular guitars are my “tribute” guitars. These are instruments that I build and are painstakingly accurate replicas of some of the most famous guitars ever played. Some of my tributes include Johnny Cash’s 1959 Gibson J-200, Waylon Jennings’ leather bound Fender Telecaster and even Willie Nelson’s “Trigger” a 1969 C.F. Martin N-20 Classical. “Trigger” is fun to play; I’ve made a few of them now and they are always hard to part with.

Josh Stotler – Owner/Luthier
Oak Creek Guitars
San Diego, CA

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