Red Rooster Guitars

Mike Margolis is the man behind Red Rooster Guitars. He has spent countless hours in his Los Angeles shop tweaking and refining his vision of the ultimate gigging guitar. The result is the Rodster ’52 and Rooster ’55 and their unique cosmetic styling.

Margolis has played guitar for over 40 years, and he still plays out in Southern California, using his personal Red Rooster to perform live. With over 25 years experience in the music instrument retail industry, he knows what makes a great guitar that inspires players. Starting his own shop to build custom instruments happened naturally out of a love for guitars and a desire to present classic designs in a whole new light.

The timeless image of Keith Richards wielding a Telecaster served as the inspiration for as long as he can remember. Mike is drawn to the Telecaster platform as a workhorse guitar and go to instrument. The wide scope of sounds covers all the bases, perfect for the working musician in need of versatility. Red Rooster guitars provide that same utility value for gigging guitarists looking for one main guitar that can convincingly deliver a wide range of classic tones, and still look the part.

The stage presence and visual impact make each Red Rooster guitar unique. The traditional construction ensures that timeless sound is still in the soul of the guitar. The sound of classic blues and rock ‘n’ roll, descended from Muddy Waters, Slim Harpo and Chuck Berry, and then passed down to the Beatles and the Stones, and now on to you. Mike Margolis crafts your Red Rooster guitar to awaken your inspiration.

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