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Archtop Jazz

For my Archtops I mostly use the woods that I bought from the widow of Artur Lang. Artur Lang was a well-known German guitarmaker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany and died in 1975. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far-out superior to any fresh woods due to the extreme age. The roughly pre-cut tops do sound like a bell. I estimate that they have been stored to dry in the workshop of Lang for more the 40 years.


The Concertura uses no Carbon nor Nomex as I am aware that these materials are due to an unwanted change of tonal behavior of the classical guitar. It is my goal to create powerful instruments without the loss of their original beauty, to unveil their colourful richness and subtle sounds, respecting the deep warm voice the guitar originally has and moves our soul.

The Dolphin

This nylon string guitar uses the same high quality standards that I provide in the classical concert guitar.
The standard Dolphin version is available with 27 frets. Due to the combination of the raised fingerboard and the extreme deep cutaway, good access is granted, even to the highest positions.
This guitar has a remarkable sustain, often not found in other nylon strings guitars.

Sometimes the guitar even sounds like a piano when the chord beautiful melts together but at the same time presenting a strong clear separation of each tone within that particular chord.

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