Simon Ambridge Guitar

My interest in guitars began back in the early 60’s with the explosion of the pop music industry. My first guitar, a cheap, burgundy coloured, acoustic f hole cutaway soon had a pickup fitted, got played endlessly and became what I recognize now as the seed of a passion which has endured to this day.

Born in London, in 1951, I come from a family with a long tradition of cabinetmaking dating back to the 18th century. Although a keen woodworker from an early age I decided to study graphic design before setting up a successful furniture making business in London. In 1978 I made my first acoustic guitar based on a Martin 0045, then soon after I made a small Torres style classical with help from Kevin Aram who has since established himself as a leading luthier.

At this point my path was clear; I was hooked. However, it was a further ten years before it was possible to devote myself to guitar making full time.

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