Teodoro Pérez – Handcraft Guitars

Family company dedicated to the handcraft construction of classical and flamenco guitars since 1966.

Teodoro Pérez began working in a prestigious guitar workshop in Madrid in 1966 where he trained as a guitar maker. After 26 years he decided to establish himself and created his own firm where his instruments have become known all over the world.

The construction of our guitars is carried out with the technique learned from several generations of guitar masters of the Madrid school, and at the same time giving these guitars some nuances of their own sounds in their construction.

We use materials of very high quality: Palosantos (Madagascar, Indian, Cocobolo) Pau Ferro, Ziricote, red cedar of Canada, German spruce, ebony, cypress, etc…… The construction process takes between 1 or 2 months.

It is finished with a natural varnish of shellac (French polish) to “muñequilla” in classical guitars and a synthetic varnish in flamenco guitars (can be changed to customer demand) this process takes approximately 1 month.

We provide CITES documentation of the woods that need it in our instruments.

The construction of our instruments can be totally customized to the customer’s requirements, wood, scale length, marquetry and varnishing.

After 52 years in this profession, Teodoro continues to work with his sons Beatriz, Sergio and son-in-law Marco A. Tejeda.


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